Recent Work

On this recent work page you will find news items posts about custom guitar builds that are under way, and repair, modification or servicing work that I have undertaken recently. You can also stay in touch with what is happening at Flame Guitars by signing up to my quarterly Newsletter.

Refretting a lacquered maple Stratocaster neck

This Stratocaster came into the workshop for a refret. Refretting a lacquered maple Stratocaster neck present a number of challenges for a luthier. These challenges are much less of an issue when refretting a guitar that has a rosewood or ebony fretboard. They are:   How to extract the old frets without damaging the lacquered […]

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Repairing a broken Epiphone guitar neck

Once-piece guitar necks, such as those used by Gibson and Epiphone are more susceptible to neck breaks. For the owner of the guitar this is understandably a very distressing occurrence. Usually they don’t snap off completely. But this Epiphone did. This neck can not simply be glued back together. Such an end-grain repair would not […]

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Levelling & re-profiling worn frets on a PRS McCarty

This PRS came into the workshop with quite a lot of fret wear. In places the grooves in the frets, particularly under the G and B strings were quite deep. But would a full re-fret be needed or would it be sufficient to level, re-profile and dress the frets? Fortunately I was able to reassure […]

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