Levelling & re-profiling worn frets on a PRS McCarty

This PRS came into the workshop with quite a lot of fret wear. In places the grooves in the frets, particularly under the G and B strings were quite deep. But would a full re-fret be needed or would it be sufficient to level, re-profile and dress the frets?

Fortunately I was able to reassure the customer that a re-fret was not needed and that there was just enough height left in the frets for a fret level to be carried out. In this video I show you how I carried out that process. Once the work was complete the guitar played very well and the customer was happy too.

To find out more about fretwork services at Flame Guitars go to my fretwork & refrets page. I have also made a number of videos about fret levelling, fret dressing and refretting a guitar.

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