Flame F1

With through-neck construction, high output Bare Knuckle Nailbomb pickups and 12 to 16" compound radius fretboard, the Flame F1, with it's choice of body facings, is a perfect combination of power and beauty. That said, this is not a one dimensional guitar. Coil cut switching on both pickups ensures that this guitar offers a wide variety of tonal options.

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Flame F1 - Wide Body Shot

Flame F2

With a chambered, korina body, medium output Bare Knuckle Abraxas pickups and series/parallel switching, the Flame F2 is a lightweight yet powerful guitar. Series/parallel switching for each pickup gives you a wide variety of tonal options, from thick humbucker sounds to clean, single coil type sounds.

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Flame F2 - Wide Body Shot

Flame F3

This semi-hollow korina body coupled with a slightly short 628mm/24.75” scale length creates a guitar that is light in weight, has a rich, warm sound but still has enough top end to cut through the mix. A set of Seymour Duncan moderate output Alnico II Pro pickups are fitted to this guitar; a great combination for a semi-hollow guitar

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Flame F3 - Wide Body Shot

Flame F4

At the heart of the Flame F4 guitar is a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails. The P-Rail, a hybrid pickup, combines a P-90 and a hot rails coil producing a guitar with a wide variety of tonal options. So you get P-90 and single coil sounds. But when coupled together the P-90 and the rail pickup create a humbucker sound that has lots of mid-range tone that is ideal for lead work. Wire the P-90 and rail in parallel and a less powerful, brighter humbucker sound is achieved. In all, this guitar gives you 12 different switching options.

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Flame F4 - Wide Body Shot