Flame Guitars is based in Sutton, South London, and is owned by me, David Kennett. I build custom electric guitars and provide a professional set-up, repair and modification service for all types of guitars. Flame Guitars was established formally in 2009 when my first website was launched. But the journey to where I am now began over thirty years ago when I built my first guitar.

From Fire to Flame-The Story of Flame Guitars

Please have a look around this website. I hope you will find much that interests you. But if you want to get a quick sense of what I am about, I suggest you watch this short film: From Fire to Flame-The story of Flame Guitars. This film was made by Nishi Sharma of LSP Media Events, and I am grateful for his skill in telling my story.

Custom electric guitars

When I started building guitars many years ago, I began by making a number of acoustic guitars, both steel  and nylon string. I then moved on to building electric guitars. I didn’t want to build high-end copies of classic guitars but develop my own body shape and style.

My mission is to build guitars that look stunning, sound great, have their own distinctive voice, are really well set-up and bring great pleasure to the owner of the guitar. Whilst the choice of tone-woods, style and the finish of the guitars are very important to me, ultimately I strive to make serious gigging guitars.

So please have a look at my Custom Guitars page. The four Flame Guitars models you see there are a starting point. By that I mean that buying or commissioning a custom guitars is about choice; choice of tone-woods, pickups, scale lengths, hardware, etc. So if you have a dream to have built your own, unique, custom guitar, let me make your dream a reality. Here is a testimonial from a customer who recently bought an Flame F1 Black Walnut Custom:

“Now, where do I start? I haven’t been able to put my new guitar down since Sunday evening when I got home, it is easily the most beautiful guitar I have ever owned, and it plays fantastic. I can feel and see that a lot of care has gone into the build and set up of this guitar! I’m so glad I made the decision to get it, thank you again”

And just to add, I am not restricted to the body shapes you see here. If you would like me to build a guitar based on a classic body shape I am happy to discuss this.

If your would like to know how to commission your own, unique, custom guitar, then please read the Commission Your Own Flame Guitar page.

I also have guitars that are in stock and ready for sale.

Servicing, repair and set-ups 

If your looking at this website because your searching for someone to work on your guitar you probably have a number of questions in mind. These being:

  1. Does this guitar technician really know what he is doing?
  2. Will I be happy with the work done on my guitar?
  3. Is my guitar in safe hands and will it be looked after?
  4. How much is the work likely to cost?

Over the years I have worked on many hundreds of guitars.  I really enjoy taking a guitar that has perhaps seen better days or is in need of some attention and bringing it back to life and getting it to optimum playing condition. So the high standards I set myself when building new guitars I also bring to the servicing of guitars.

So to answer the questions above I suggest you look at my TESTIMONIALS page and my RECENT WORK page and hopefully this will reassure you that I can do a professional, high quality job for you. On my SETUP & REPAIR page you can find more information about this type of work, as well as the prices for the most common work I am asked to do.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss or consider commissioning a Flame custom guitar, or if you would like to book an appointment to bring your guitar to me for a setup, servicing, modification or repair.

Appointment times:

Monday to Friday:   08:30 to 17:30
Saturday:                  08:30 to 13:00