Refretting a lacquered maple Stratocaster neck

This Stratocaster came into the workshop for a refret. Refretting a lacquered maple Stratocaster neck present a number of challenges for a luthier. These challenges are much less of an issue when refretting a guitar that has a rosewood or ebony fretboard. They are:


  1. How to extract the old frets without damaging the lacquered fretboard.
  2. How to file and smooth the frets ends on the new frets without damaging the lacquer.

In this video I demonstrate the technique I used to complete this job. I hope you enjoy the video.

Should you have any questions about this work or are considering having any form of fretwork done on your guitar, please feel free to contact me

You can also find out more about fret dressing and fret levelling, including prices, on my fretwork and refrets page.