Flame F4

At the heart of the Flame F4 guitar is a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails. The P-Rail, a hybrid pickup, combines a P-90 and a hot rails coil producing a guitar with a wide variety of tonal options. So you get P-90 and single coil sounds. But when coupled together the P-90 and the rail pickup create a humbucker sound that has lots of mid-range tone that is ideal for lead work. Wire the P-90 and rail in parallel and a less powerful, brighter humbucker sound is achieved. In all, this guitar gives you 12 different switching options. But perhaps it’s best to let one of my customers sum up what the Flame F4 is about:

“Hi David, just to let you know that I couldn’t put the F4 down over the weekend. Playing to early hours Saturday and Sunday night. It’s an absolute dream to play and the plethora of sounds is immense. From cool jazz to totally rocking out. Many thanks for the craftsmanship and innovation.”

Watch a video which introduces the Flame F4


Price:  £2,500 including hard case

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