Testimonials from some of my recent customers

Good morning David. Thought I’d let you know that I played the Guild for about 3 hours after I got home yesterday. The guitar is amazing. The tonality has been transformed. It’s so much brighter and louder. What I didn’t really appreciate when briefly playing it in your workshop was the clarity and definition from each string as you strum but most impressive is the sustain. It rings forever. I can’t thank you enough. I’m going to be playing it exclusively for quite some time I’m sure.

Steve, July 2022 (Refret of Guild acoustic)

I have finally found my luthier in the UK. After few frustrating attempts with other "professionals", I decided to go to Flame Guitars to refret my Fender American Stratocaster Elite. I could not be more pleased with the results. David Kennett is a true luthier that knows how to treat a customer, passionate about what he does, technical and pragmatic. He is always very calm and attentive to detail. I will definitely take my other guitars to David to look after them on repairs and servicing. (review on Google reviews)

Nick, June 2022 (Refret of Strat)

True expert in his craft, but also his service. David actually cares about how his work suits the customer. He proved that by taking time to discuss relevant aspects in detail and listening to (and interpreting) my thoughts about it. I had a refret done on my little beauty (was a a touch nervous given maple gloss neck) and I must say I received an exceptional tailored service. Rare to find the expertise combined with the humility to listen and understand. (Google review)

James, April 2022 (Google review)

Hi David, Yes, been meaning to message you! Couldn’t be happier with the repair! Absolutely stellar job and pretty much invisible. Really impressed! Thanks for taking so much care! Peter

Peter, February 2022 (Repair of Gibson Les Paul with a broken neck)

Thanks David for such a great job! I love the guitar now. I played it all last night and the set up is amazing. Thanks, Jeff.

Jeff, November 2021 (Set up & service for Strat)

I have two guitars: a full-size Hokada acoustic guitar purchased in the mid-1970s and a Requinto bought for me by my father in 1970 from Casa Parramón in Barcelona. Flame Guitars completely refurbished both guitars and brought back their lustrous sheen so that, after a long gap of 37 years, I’m ready to play them again. I am so grateful to David for the care and love given to my guitars. Most definitely, I recommend Flame Guitars highly. Jan

Jan, October 2021 (Refurbishment of a classical guitar and a requinto guitar)

Hi matey - hope all is well. Just wanted to say a sincere, big thanks for the amazing job on re-fretting my strat. To say it plays better than ever is an understatement and I hear no tonal difference whatsoever once plugged in. Many thanks again and will see you soon with my other two once the frets get lower !! Cheers Bret

Bret, August 2021 (Refret of strat with stainless steel frets)

Hi Dave, Thanks again for a stellar job. You turned something unplayable into a guitar that is really enjoyable to play. I'm loving the feel of this guitar. I'm probably going to hold on to it

Will, August 2021 (Service & set up for Godin electric)

I couldn’t resist taking the strat for a spin before my evening lessons start. It sounds sensational, and plays beautifully, better than ever before. Is it brighter with the new frets? I really can’t say, I’d have to do a back-to-back comparison, but if it is brighter, then that’s in a good way. Thanks

Pete, July 2021 (Refret of strat with stainless steel frets)

Hi David, thanks again for the transformational work on myEpiphone Les Paul. The playability, response and sound from what was once a nice but fairly unremarkable guitar is now an absolute joy - and the range of tones from those 'Hot Vintage' Bareknuckle pickups is superb. Ian

Ian, June 2021 (New pickups, bridge, wiring circuit for Epi LP)

Hi David, I would just like to let you know my guitar now plays beautifully. Thankyou so much for completing the refret and setup. It has transformed the guitar. Jeff

Jeff, June 2021 (Refret of Strat)

The service received from this extremely talented craftsman was impeccable! I originally i requested a set up and fret level/dress or fret replacement (my own assumption looking at the condition of the frets) I delivered the guitar to David we had a very friendly chat, he immediately advised me that that depth of work was not necessary and he would be happy to proceed with a polish and set up, many other shops or service providers would not have been so honest! Not only did i get my guitar back in an amazing playing condition it was a fraction of the price i was initially expecting to pay. Communication throughout was faultless with a comprehensive service sheet returned with the guitar outlining all the fine details of repair/maintenance. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Matt, March 2021 (Service & setup on Strat)

Hey David, the work you did on my Gibson Studio is incredible - it's like a new Guitar, everything feels so smooth, enjoying the hell out of it

Ross, March 2021 (Service & setup Les Paul Studio)

Hello David, just got your newsletter which reminded me that I hadn't updated on my Ibanez since getting it back. So happy with it, it's now a proper pleasure to play! Thanks again

Philip, March 2021 (Service & setup on Ibanez)

Hello David, just got your newsletter which reminded me that I hadn't updated on my Ibanez since getting it back. So happy with it, it's now a proper pleasure to play! Thanks again.

Phil, March 2021 (Setup and service-Ibanez S520)

Another great set up from David, I had an over noisy Telecaster that annoyed the hell out of me, David has now solved it for me. I honestly don't think there's anything this guy doesn't know about guitars, can't recommend him enough.

Mark, June 2021 (Tele- shielding, service & set up)

Somewhere in the 40 years since my Les Paul Custom was built, it died; somehow, you've brought it back to life. I don't know if it was the fret work, new bridge, new nut, neck work; maybe it was all of the above. But something worked a resurrection. I had hoped for better sustain, better trebles and enhanced playability. I got all of that but what I also got was far more dynamics, a part of playing that I'd largely forgot. I've been playing until my fingers hurt and then, sometimes, just looking how beautiful it now is. Many, many thanks for the miracles you worked

Colin, February 2021 (Overhaul of a 70's Les Paul)

Hi David, my compliments to you on a fine job. A couple of runs through Cavatina tells me the action is a lot better and those tricky chords are much easier to hold down. The only downside is that any fluffs are definitely my fault. Best wishes and have a good Christmas. Hamish

Hamish, December 2020 (String height lowered on a nylon string guitar)

Hi David. Apologies for the delay in showing my appreciation. Are these really the same ones I delivered to you? Such a transformation! I'm so glad that you found your true calling. You're a master craftsman. Brad

Brad, October 2020 (Service and set up on two guitars)

Hi David. Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the work you have done on my Gibson Les Paul. I am happy for you to work on my guitars if needed and will recommend you to others

Neil, October 2020 (Repair of Les Paul with a broken neck)

Hi David, I haven't put my guitar down since I arrived home! You have done an excellent job with it and I am very pleased with the result. Thank you again. Nick

Nick, September 2020 (Refret and overhaul of 70's Strat)

Hi David, just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. Guitar plays and sounds fantastic, a big improvement! Rafael

Rafael, July 2020 (Pickup installation, service & setup)

David, guitar is absolutely wonderful! So thrilled. It really does play so much more easily than before. And it sounds incredible! Ever so grateful for all your hard work. Thank you so much. Nick

Nick, June 2020 (Work on mid 70's Guild acoustic)

David, just had a really proper long play with my Les Paul through my full gigging rig and wanted to say I am absolutely delighted with it. Feels like a different guitar, but at the same time it feels just like the old one. If that makes any sense at all. All in all it is playing beautifully. Great job, and thank you very much! Best wishes, Simon

Simon, December 2019 (Fret levelling, service & setup on Les Paul)

Just a brief one to say how totally over the moon I am with the work you carried out. It's completely different to play and the work you carried out on the fretboard..... it looks new! I'm now the the proud owner of a beautiful looking and sounding guitar. Thanks again. I will recommend you at every opportunity.

Dan, March 2020 (Fretwork, service & setup on Yamaha acoustic)

Hi David, thank you so much for fixing my Ovation, it’s now a pleasure to play wonderful work. Phil

Phil, March 2020 (Fret work & lowering action on Ovation Balladeer)

Hi David, I just wanted to tell you that the guitar that I collected last Monday plays like a totally different instrument. The re-fret with minimally higher frets has made a huge difference and after three years since its purchase I finally have the playability as well as the sound from this rare old J45 that I always knew was possible. Thank you again for everything you have done for my instruments

Martin, December 2019 (Refret of 1955 Gibson J45)

Hi David, just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for your help and expertise with setting up my Fender Precision recently. I am delighted I made the choice of coming over to see you and have the set up done "live" - so much better than leaving it with someone for a week and not knowing what I was getting at the end of the day ! It has been playing really well since the set up, and I had our first band rehearsal last night. It sounded great with classic punchy Precision tones - exactly what I was after. Paul

Paul, November 2019 (Setup on Fender Precision bass)

Dear David, I'm just emailing to say that Richard has just got in from work and is thrilled with the work that you did on his Ovation. He can't believe what a great repair you did on the damage and said it feels like having a new guitar. Sue

Sue, November 2019 (Fretwork & finish repair on Ovation acoustic)

David, I would just like to send you a quick thank you for the work you have carried out to my guitars. They are so much more playable - the difference is remarkable. I have a couple of others that need a bit of TLC so will be in touch shortly. Paul

Paul, November 2019 (Service and setup )

Meant to email you this last week but just wanted to say thank you for the work on my guitar. Very happy with it and really pleased with the way it plays. Will definitely be in touch with any other work I need doing. All the best, Mark

Mark, October 2019 (Service and setup of a Stratocaster)

You are a flipping magician - I can't believe the difference ! It's beautifully playable over the whole fretboard - like having a brand new guitar. I've been playing it non-stop. Seriously impressed. Thank you so much

Adam, July 2019 (Work on a 1950's Framus acoustic)

Hi David, just want to say thank you for the work you did on my Strat. It's sounds and plays great. It sounds better than I imagined and is very easy to play so thank you for doing that. Will definitely be back with my other guitars

Steven, June 2019 (Fret level, service & setup for Strat)

I'm really digging the mex tele you set up for me a couple of weeks ago. Weirdly spending a lot of time playing it acoustically, it sounds very sweet. Totally amazing job, nice low action and soooo playable…

Douglas, May 2019 (Setup & service of Telecaster)

David, my Guild is now a joy to play and hear. It’s not just louder but the tone is richer and much more balanced across all six strings, while even with heavier strings the neck and action make playing much easier, especially up past the seventh fret. The intonation is spot on. Thank you so much for your great work

John, May 2019 (Neck angle reset & refret for 1971 Guild D35)

Hi David - many thanks for sorting out my Strat - it shows even the more expensive end of the guitar spectrum can benefit from an experts touch - the bridge feels so much better without those ridiculous high set screws!!! - I played the guitar last night for a good 2 hours and it plays amazingly with no choking on any bends whatsoever and I really think you got the action spot on.

Brett, March 2019 (Fretwork and setup on a Stratocaster)

A big thank you to David for setting-up my Gibson SG and installing a new pick-up. The guitar sounds and feels great… he also fixed an issue with one of the volume pots I didn’t even know I had! Fantastic, friendly service at an affordable price… I wouldn’t take my guitar anywhere else.

Nick, February 2019 (Gibson SG-pickup installed and setup)

I have now had a chance to play the Strat. It plays very well indeed. I am very pleased with the work you have done on the guitar, it is a pleasure to play again and the sounds when plugged in are rather nicer too, so what ever adjustments you made have made a very positive difference. Thanks again for your work. All the best for 2019.

Mike, January 2019 (Setup and service of Stratocaster)

David, just to let you know the guitar played beautifully on Saturday. Never have I had a gypsy guitar play so well. Pickup worked a treat and the sound was top notch. Thanks very much for the top notch work and quick turn around time.

Ryszard, December 2018 (Install pickup for a gypsy guitar)

Hi David. Just to say that the guitar plays brilliantly and has never sounded so good. Thank you for a great job. I’ll see you in the New Year with my Burns Marvin.

Tony, December 2018 (Setup and service of Stratocaster)

Dear David, thank you very much for all your work on my Yamaha. The fretwork you did has really improved playability right across the neck and the tusq nut was a worthwhile upgrade and a really neat job. Many thanks!

Jonathan, November 2018 (Fretwork and service of Yamaha Revstar)

Hi David I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the work you did on my SG. It's like a totally different guitar. Feels a dream to play and sounds amazing. Thanks man. Rob

Rob, November 2018 (Fret levelling & setup for SG)

Another recommendation for David Kennett at Flame Guitars who has just done a very good and thorough setup for me, my guitar is playing 100% better now than before he touched it. He has a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to bear.

John, October 2018 (Recommendation placed on Fretboard Forum)

Thanks Dave for doing an awesome job on my Les Paul ! Dressing the frets, setting it up properly, sorting the wiring issues and polishing the body. I’ll certainly be recommending your skills.Thanks once again

Colin, September 2018 (Serving & setup of a Les Paul)

Hi David, just to let you know the guitar plays great. Really pleased, thanks. It's a lot more crisp and playable. Hopefully I will get some of my other guitars over for a setup.

John, August 2018 (Refret of Grand Suzuki acoustic)

Super fret job, David.  It was great to play it in Spain (2 - 3 hrs a day).  I really noticed the difference, even if it was only 0.3 mm!! Thanks so much

Francis, August 2018 (Refret of Khono classical)

I purchased the F1 you can see on the website six months ago as I instantly fell in love with the wood and craftsmanship before I had even played it. It is unlikely I will ever be able to do this guitar justice but I will never part with it. It is an extraordinary instrument and would probably cost three times as much if it had one of the big names on it. David is a lovely man and this is reflected in his work. He is a master craftsman and I count myself fortunate to have found him. He transformed both my Strat and Les Paul and I would not now allow anyone else to work on my guitars. I cannot recommend him highly enough

David, July 2018 (Purchase of Flame F1)

Couldn’t be more happy with the work David did and would highly recommend him. The quality of the work he did was excellent and the whole experience of meeting him and having all the work explained gave you real confidence.

James, June 2018 (service & setup of Strat)

I've had everything from fret dots inserted into a classical guitar, to a full rewiring of an electric guitar to accommodate passive pickups done at Flame Guitar. The friendly, personable service from David, along with his immaculate craftsmanship has made him my trusted go to guy for any guitar modifications, either big or small.

Will, June 2018 (replacement pickups)

Hey David, been playing the guitar this afternoon. Absolutely stella work, thank you again, the guitar is playing the best it’s ever played since I’ve owned it. Thanks very much!

Phil, May 2018 (Refret of Strat)

Wow…Thank you so much. I never realised how much the ‘buzz’ annoyed me. The bass is soooo quiet now, everything works as it should. I spent a good hour noodling around. Just might end up using that instead of the Sandberg. The tone through my Mark bass amp is epic. Neck is so much more useable. I’ll definitely be back if I have any other issues and will recommend !!

Douglas, May 2018 (service & shielding of very noisy Musicmn Sabre bass)

Hi David, very nice job on the Tele, plays sweet -thanks Also thanks for the quick strat setup, plays great Cheers

Grant, May 2018

Many thanks for all your great work on my Mark Nicol and Gibson Firebird Guitars. You have returned both in fantastic condition with regard to playability, and in the case of the Firebird cosmetically as well, as explained the Firebird is of great sentimental value to me and I asked if you could make it glorious again, which you most certainly have. I am most grateful for all your hard work and I have already recommended you services to a player friend of mine and will have no hesitation in recommending others.

Alan, April 2018 (Service of Firebird and Mark Nicol Custom)

Now, where do I start? I haven’t been able to put my new guitar down since Sunday evening when I got home, it is easily the most beautiful guitar I have ever owned, and it plays fantastic, I can feel and see that a lot of care has gone into the build and set up of this guitar! I’m so glad I made the decision to get it, thank you again

Ray, November 2017 (Purchase of Flame F1)

Hi David. First proper strum with the Jag today and very happy. Significant improvement and plays beautifully. Many thanks for all your skill, hard work and attention to detail. See you in the New Year to discuss the custom project.

Chris, December 2017 (refret of Jaguar)

David, I needed to play the guitar for a while before getting back to you and can now say that I am really impressed by the refret and setup you did. It is so much more playable than before making it an absolute pleasure to play. Sliding up and down the neck is so smooth and unhindered-this is how a Gibson should be! Excellent job.

Grant, May 2017 (refret of a Les Paul)

Really, really happy with the job you did on my Les Paul! I’m so pleased I decided to get you to work on it, rather than get a new guitar. It already has tons of sentimental value, being my first ever electric guitar but, since doing the research into it and finding out its vintage credentials, I feel like it’s taken on a whole new status. The new frets are awesome and it’s got a great feel and tone to it now. Haven’t had a chance to play it with the band yet, but it sounds great with my gear!

Phil, November 2017 (refret and set up)

Hello David, I just had to drop you and email. I can not be happier with the repair, fretwork and set up you did on my Les Paul Axcess, to the extent I am glad that I still have it! Also the set up and work on my Les Paul Standard, they are both a joy to play, thank you once again. I have had lots of work done on my guitars in the past but never to the same standard

Ray, October 2017 (Gibson Axcess with broken neck, set up on Les Paul Standard)

Hi David, just to let you know that I couldn’t put the F2 down over the weekend. Playing to early hours Saturday and Sunday night. It’s an absolute dream to play and the plethora of sounds is immense. From cool jazz to totally rocking out. Many thanks for the craftsmanship and innovation.

Terry, (customer who bought a Flame F2 fitted with Seymour Duncan P-Rails)

After leaving my guitars with other luthiers with results ranging from unsatisfactory to average it is quite a relief to have found this gem in Sutton. The first guitar I left with David was a hand made Telecaster that had a neck problem. This guitar is a little bit special to me and I’d been previously told that the neck couldn’t be adjusted and would probably need an expensive neck replacement. Well, David solved the problem and gave me a commentary by phone whilst he did the work. Obviously pleased with the work and the set up performed I then left my Les Paul Standard ’93, Fender Strat, Fender Tele 77/78, PRS Custom ’95 and Tokai Strat ’80 with him. The work on these guitars range from set ups, polishing, fret dressing, pickup and wiring replacement. All work was carried out to an excellent standard and exceeded the standard of previous luthiers. The customer attention is also excellent. You’ll need to make an appointment but he will then spend time with you going over your work before carrying out the work. When it is time to pick your guitar up, again, he will spend time with you discussing the work he has done and make sure you are satisfied before leaving. After previous experience with others it is refreshing to find someone like this who gives you a “warm feeling”.