Electronics & modifications

Electric guitar modifications

Over the years I have carried out so many guitar modifications that I can not list them all. But here are a few of the most common modifications I am asked to carry out:

  • Telecaster 4-way modification

  • Upgrading and replacing switches, pots and capacitors

  • Adding coil-cut or series/parallel switching

  • Various Stratocaster switching arrangements

  • Adding treble bleed circuits

  • Re-wiring circuits

If you are thinking about having any type of upgrade or modification carried out on your guitar, feel free to contact me and I will happily give you a price for the work.


Acoustic guitar pickup installation

There is now a huge choice of acoustic guitar amplification systems available. These include sound-hole pickups, under-saddle pickups, internal microphones and systems that combine two sources in one system. They all work slightly differently and each is better suited to a particular live playing environment.

I am happy to advice as to the various pickup brands and types available, and what system might be best for you. Due to the wide variety of amplification systems available installation costs vary. But typically I would charge about £50 for installing an under-saddle pickup.