Removing the neck of an acoustic guitar

This early 70’s Guild F40 came into the workshop needing major works. The neck had previously been removed, but not done very well. Removing the neck of an acoustic guitar is not a straightforward job, as the earlier attempt at this shows. Once the neck was removed I reset the neck angle, fitted a Bridge Doctor, refret the guitar and fit new bone nut and saddle.

In this video I show how I did this work and the tools I used.

Removing the neck of an acoustic guitar requires me to use my Stewart Macdonald guitar neck removal jig. The guitar had quite a high string action and so I installed a JLD Bridge Doctor to flatten the top and bring the string height down. The Bridge Doctor worked really well on this guitar. If you want to understand how a Bridge Doctor works I suggest you watch this excellent VIDEO which was made by BTN Music.

Once the guitar was refretted, fitted with new nut, saddle and strings, it sounded just fantastic. This early 70’s Guild F40 should be good for another 50 years!

Does your acoustic guitar have a high action?

If so, let me have a look at your guitar and give you some advice as to what can be done to get a better string height. It probably doesn’t need a Bridge Doctor fitted. And even less likely the neck removed and reset. But there are other things that can be done to improve play-ability. So CONTACT ME for advice.