Flame F1 Quilted Maple Custom

£2,650 including hard case

I have never made two guitars that are exactly the same. Every Flame Guitar is unique. And this Flame F1 Quilted Maple Custom is no exception. When I saw this piece of maple at my usual supplier I immediately knew that I had to have it and build a guitar with it.

This guitar may be a thing of beauty, but the high-output Bare Knuckle Nailbomb pickups make this guitar more “Beauty and The Beast”. That said, the addition of coil cut switching on each pickup means that the sound cleans up beautifully and makes this an extremely versatile guitar with plenty of tonal options.

My mission is not only to make guitars that look stunning but also play as well as any guitar can. So great care is taken to ensure that the fret-work is perfect and that a low action can be achieved before fret buzz becomes significant. Not that every guitarist likes a low action, but if you do you can get it with this Flame F1. The Eavana compensated nut helps to sweeten up the tuning, particularly in that 1st to 7th fret area.

The Flame F1 Quilted Maple Custom is fitted with Gotoh 510 tuners, my personal favourite tuners.

This guitar has been fretted with Evo Gold fretwire. Again, a personal favourite of mine. Evo Gold feels so nice under the fingers and makes string bending so much easier with more control over micro-bends. If you are not familiar with Evo Gold fretwire have a look at a video I made about the refret of a Strat using this fret wire. At the end of the video I filmed the customer playing the guitar for the first time. He has an interesting reaction to Evo Gold. You can watch the video HERE.

If you are interested in purchasing this this guitar please CONTACT ME

If you live within travelling distance of my workshop you are more than welcome to come and have a play of this guitar. I am based in Sutton, South London. More details about my location can be found on my CONTACT page.