Servicing & Repair


Based in Sutton, South London, I am well placed to service and repair guitars for guitarists who live in London and the South-East of England. Sutton is about a 15 minute drive from junction 8 of the M25. By train, Sutton is about a 30 minute journey from central London. It is then a 5 minute walk to my workshop. On the contacts page of this website you can find a map of my location. Most of my customer make an appointment to see me but I am also happy to receive guitars by post.


Whether your guitar needs a set-up, a fret dressing, pickups changed or installed, wiring modifications or a repair than I am happy to provide that service for you, whether that be for electric, bass or acoustic guitars.

As I say elsewhere on this website, guitar servicing is not a second best activity for me compared to making new guitars. I love taking a guitar that is not playing as well as it might and bringing it to optimum playing condition.

Commitment to excellent

As a professional Luthier I understand that, when you consider having work done on a much loved guitar, it's important to you to know that the person who does this work has the necessary knowledge, skills and technical expertise to do this work to a high standard and that the guitar will be looked after whilst it is not in your hands. I know from talking to customers that they look at this website in order to judge whether I am up to the job and know what I am doing. I hope that once you have had a look around this website you will see that I am committed to excellence in all I do and so you can trust your guitar to me.

Working with guitars as long as I have, particularly through the making of guitars, has allowed me to get under the skin of guitar design and construction, and to develop a detailed understanding of the various elements that need to be brought together in order to make a guitar play as well as it can. It is that knowledge and skill and the striving for excellence that I bring to guitar servicing and repair.

But knowledge of how to set-up or service a guitar is only part of the process of getting the guitar right for the customer. For me, it is really important to have a conversation with each customer about what it is that they are after. Each customer plays in a slightly different way and understanding of this is essential to getting a set-up that is right for each customer. Yes, there are standard set-ups, or what might be described as factory set-ups, but I like to go beyond that and set-up the guitar as appropriate for each customer.

You can find examples of my servicing and repair work in the Servicing and Repair section of this website and on my Facebook page. You can also look at customer comments on the Testimonial  page.

Contact me for Guitar Servicing Advice

I am very happy to meet with you at my South London workshop to discuss face to face any work repair or alteration work that you are considering having carried out on your guitar. Or feel free to contact me by phone or email. And whilst you are with me, why not take the opportunity to try out a Flame custom guitar. Visits by appointment only, please.