Below are some recent comments from our customers...

"Hi David. First proper strum with the Jag today and very happy. Significant improvement and plays beautifully. Many thanks for all your skill, hard work and attention to detail. See you in the New Year to discuss the custom project."
Chris, December 2017 (refret of Jaguar)

"Really, really happy with the job you did on my Les Paul! I’m so pleased I decided to get you to work on it, rather than get a new guitar. It already has tons of sentimental value, being my first ever electric guitar but, since doing the research into it and finding out its vintage credentials, I feel like it’s taken on a whole new status. The new frets are awesome and it’s got a great feel and tone to it now. Haven’t had a chance to play it with the band yet, but it sounds great with my gear!"
Phil, November 2017. (refret and set up)

"Now, where do I start? I haven’t been able to put my new guitar down since Sunday evening when I got home, it is easily the most beautiful guitar I have ever owned, and it plays fantastic, I can feel and see that a lot of care has gone into the build and set up of this guitar! I’m so glad I made the decision to get it, thank you again"
Ray, November 2017 (purchase of Flame F1 Black Walnut Custom)

"Hello David, I just had to drop you and email. I can not be happier with the repair, fretwork and set up you did on my Les Paul Axcess, to the extent I am glad that I still have it! Also the set up and work on my Les Paul Standard, they are both a joy to play, thank you once again. I have had lots of work done on my guitars in the past but never to the same standard"
Ray, October 2017 (Gibson Axcess with broken neck, set up on Les Paul Standard)

"Hello David. I've just been putting the old "springy sound" through its paces. I'd say that the combination of the new bone nut and the jumbo frets has worked a treat! Its as resonant and vibrant as my pro Strat. Excellent job!"
Paul, August 2017 (refret, new nut and set up of a 1970's Tokai "Strat")

"David, I needed to play the guitar for a while before getting back to you and can now say that I am really impressed by the refret and setup you did. It is so much more playable than before making it an absolute pleasure to play. Sliding up and down the neck is so smooth and unhindered-this is how a Gibson should be! Excellent job."
Grant, May 2017 (refret of a Les Paul)

"Hi David, just to let you know that I couldn't put the F2 down over the weekend. Playing to early hours Saturday and Sunday night. It's an absolute dream to play and the plethora of sounds is immense. From cool jazz to totally rocking out. Many thanks for the craftsmanship and innovation."
Terry, March 2017 (customer who bought a Flame F2 fitted with Seymour Duncan P-Rails)

"HI David, just wanted to say thanks for the work on my LP. The more time I spent with it over the weekend the more I enjoyed playing it. It plays really nicely now. I've also noticed that the notes seem a lot clearer and the guitar sounds a lot more balanced when plugged in-I assume that's a result of adjusting the pole pieces"
Dan, February 2017

After leaving my guitars with other luthiers with results ranging from unsatisfactory to average it is quite a relief to have found this gem in Sutton. The first guitar I left with David was a hand made Telecaster that had a neck problem. This guitar is a little bit special to me and I'd been previously told that the neck couldn't be adjusted and would probably need an expensive neck replacement. Well, David solved the problem and gave me a commentary by phone whilst he did the work. Obviously pleased with the work and the set up performed I then left my Les Paul Standard '93, Fender Strat, Fender Tele 77/78, PRS Custom '95 and Tokai Strat '80 with him. The work on these guitars range from set ups, polishing, fret dressing, pickup and wiring replacement. All work was carried out to an excellent standard and exceeded the standard of previous luthiers. The customer attention is also excellent. You'll need to make an appointment but he will then spend time with you going over your work before carrying out the work. When it is time to pick your guitar up, again, he will spend time with you discussing the work he has done and make sure you are satisfied before leaving. After previous experience with others it is refreshing to find someone like this who gives you a "warm feeling".
Paul, January 2017

This is a lengthy comment that a customer posted on my Facebook page. I refretted a 1979 Strat for him. Whilst he was pleased with the work, and that was great, his comment captures many of my core values and the approach I try to take with customers. You can read the whole comment by clicking on this LINK
December 2016

"Just got my guitars back from a set up with Flame Guitars. Very impressed! Perfect action, set up my GK-3 pickup perfectly and replaced some pickups. Thanks very much! If you have a guitar that needs setting up David is your man" (posted on Flame Guitars Facebook page)
Stephen, October 2016

"The Baja Telecaster plays well through my amp. The tone is now smoother and has more sustain. (it has lost that Tele twang which is exactly what I wanted) The guitar gave me buzz around the 7th fret which has now been eliminated. Wonderful!  I will pass on your name to friends who play guitar. So many thanks, you have a very happy customer"  (fitting of a Rutters bridge and set-up)
Simon, July 2016

"Hi David. Awesome job on Tele. I have been playing this all weekend, it feels so smooth and easy to play! Thank you!"
Ro, May 2016

"Hi David, just a note to say thank you, the guitar plays nicely, I'm really please with it. I'll be back no doubt in the future with another" (an unplayable Chinese "Gibson" acoustic turned into a very playable guitar)
David, April 2016

"My 1954 Gibson J45 was a real challenge.Sixty years of work necessitated a complete re-fret and although David made an excellent job of this the guitar still would not play as it should. David is always willing to listen and offer his advice and when additional work consisting of the renewal of both nut and saddle was agreed the guitar went back into the workshop. When I collected it on the 10th December the guitar was a different instrument. Not only was there an increase in volume but  beautifully sustained resonance in the overall sound. The action of the guitar has been greatly improved and it has finally become a pleasure to play. Once again David's patience and skilled workmanship has restored a classic vintage guitar whilst retaining its originality. For this I will always be grateful"
Martin Jan 2016

"The ownership of two vintage Gibson acoustic guitars is a great privilege but unless the play properly they create more frustration than pleasure. Both of mine need attention after purchase but it took thee years before I discovered Flame Guitars and made an appointment with David to discuss my 1959 J50. His restoration of its playability while leaving as much originality as possible was amazing and now this beautiful guitar has to be one of the best J50's in existence. This instrument owes a great debt to David. He is a fine craftsman who genuinely cares about his work." 
Martin, Jan 2016 (you can see details of this restoration on the Recent Work page)

"Hi David, I don't know what you did to my Godin LG (well I do, but you know what I mean) but I can't stop palying it. Blooming brilliant!!"
Mark, Nov 2015

"Hi Dave, I would like to say that the setip is brilliant and sounds as good as my Gibson SG's" (Shaftesbury Barney Kessel)
Dan, Nov 2015

"David, many thanks for the fabulous repair to my Ricci 4004L. The bass had been crudely converted to a 5 string, but extra hole superbly filled in, with both sides of the headstock finished in black nitro. Awesome!
Guy, Sep 2015 (see this work on my Facebook page)

"The guitar is playing really well and everyone is super impressed with the repair so than you very much again" (Les Paul with broken neck).
Stu, Aug 2015

"David Kennett at Flame Guitars in Sutton. A very knowledgable and skilled chap, worked wonders on my Strat and instantly diagnosed, correctly, what was pi***** me off about my new LP and has set about it today at a very resonable cost."
Posted on the Fretboard forum in the Recommended Luthiers and Techs section

"David, many thanks for the work you carried out on my Epi335. It was also nice to meet you and talk guitars. Will give you a call about work on my other guitars."
Ian, May 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you have done on my guitar. It's amazing, it feels like a whole new guitar. I don't know what wizardry you get up to in your workshop but you have put some powerful magic into my guitar. It's so much easier to play and the neck feels faster, or it's made me faster, I don't know which, but it has inspired me to play even more than I did before."
Jeff, Feb 2015

"Thanks David. I really appreciated the time you took to talk me through the various options for my guitar. I'm really pleased with the end result. I'll be back!"
Justin, Jan 2015

"Just to say thanks for fixing up not only the Chris Ecceshall but now also the Rob Armstrong guitars. More than pleased with the results in both cases."
Bob, Oct 2014

"Hi David, a quick note to say thanks for the superb work on all of my six guitars. The guitars always come back perfectly set up, feeling and sounding much better. I appreciate your in-depth knowledge and advice on all guitar related matters and the time you take to educate a novice such as myself."
Sean, Sept 2014

"Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the works you completed on my two guitars. The acoustic has never felt so nice to play-the difference in comfort and feel is noticable. The Strat is now a dream to play-just like I knew it always should have been. The experience, skill, dedication and care you have shown to my guitars is second to none. It is great to have found someone I can entrust my guitars to for whatever work they need done."
Phil, Sept 2014

"Thanks David you did a great job on my guitar, top marks mate. Will be bringing some others into you too!"
Bob, Sept 2014

"I have been playing the SG all week, and it's like brand new again, even nicer in fact. It's crazy what a difference to the sound a proper set up can do and how much more fun it is to play."
Raph, Aug 2014

"First of all I would like to thank you for all the work you did on "Junior". I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out. The action is perfect and the Pearly Gates pup sounds brilliant. You were quite right too, the sustain is gorgeous and will be well suited to soloing."
Paul, July 2014

"Hi David, once again thank you so much for the work on the guitar. I am so happy with it! I played it basically all weekend - I think my housemates and neighbours hate me!"
Alex, June 2014

"Hi David, just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the work you carried out on my Musicman Axis. The guitar looks and feels new (in a good way) and the split coils via the push-push pots is great! The guitar retains all the original tones etc. and with the extra ones as a result of the single coil action making it hugely versatile."
Graham, May 2014

"Hi David, just thought I'd say that I've been playing with the guitar for about the last 5 hours and it's a pleasure to play. Sounds great! A vast improvement. Many thanks."
Fender Jazzmaster, Feb 2014

"I would say that the setup was a complete success and I am very pleased with the work you have done. This guitar is now a pleasure to listen to and play. Well done and thanks for the extra time and attention I know you spent on it. Keith."
Godin LGXT, Jan 2014

"I've just spent the last few hours playing my newly revamped Epiphone and I've fallen back in love with it. It plays so much better. Thanks for your work."
Epiphone SG, Jan 2014