How to buy

OK, so you are thinking of buying a Flame Guitar? I appreciate that custom guitars are an expensive item to purchase and as every guitar is unique you are not able to play and look at the end product before committing to a purchase. You also want to have confidence that I can deliver what you hope for. In the end I want you to feel really involved in the process of designing your guitar and enjoy the whole experience. So here are the 5 steps to purchasing a Flame Guitar. Although your time and distance from the Flame Guitars workshop may mean we have to compromise a little on the amount of visits, I choose to work face to face as much as possible to give you the very best possible service.

Step 1

Contact me by phone or email to discuss custom guitar design in broad terms.

Step 2

I send you a list of questions relating to guitar design requirements prior to our first meeting. Maybe you have never thought about neck shapes or pickup options? Don’t worry, I can help you with this when we meet.

Step 3

We meet to discuss just what it is you are looking for in a guitar. Again, don’t worry if you are not clear about this. I can help you with this process. It may help to bring along a guitar that you like, either because you find the neck comfortable or you like the sound it makes.

Step 4

I write you with a detailed specification setting out various aspects of guitar construction for you to consider. I will also tell you how long it will take to complete the guitar. If you are happy with this you contact me agreeing to the specification and arrange for payment of a deposit. The deposit will be 20% of the final cost of the guitar.

Step 5

Once the guitar is complete I will invite you to visit me to collect the guitar and make final payment. This is also an opportunity for me to make any final set-up requirements that are particular to your playing style.

Six months after purchase I will contact you and invite you to respond to a questionnaire that will help me improve on the guitars I make and the whole commissioning experience. I will also offer a free guitar check-over and clean.