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Flame Guitar pickups are fixed directly onto the guitar body. Most guitars are constructed with ‘floating’ pickups with the pickup height adjustable by screws. By fixing the pickup directly onto the body wood instead of leaving it floating, greater sustain and attack is achieved.

Although pickup height adjustment will take a little longer with a fixed pickup, it is still possible if really needed. However I don’t see this as a disadvantage because it is unlikely that you will need to adjust the height of the pickup on you Flame Guitar as it will be custom built especially to suit your needs.

You will see that most of the guitars shown on this website are fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups. But the advantage of a custom build is that I can supply and fit pickups of your choosing. So, if your preference is for Bare Knuckle or DiMarzio, or some other brand, that is not a problem. The choice of pickups now is huge, but I can advise as to a pickup that would best suite your playing style.

Generally I install humbuckers so that they can be switched between series and parallel. A humbucker wired in parallel has slightly less mid-range, bass and volume than one wired in series (the standard way to wire a humbucker), but it is still hum-cancelling. But I also also offer other switching options, such as coil cut.