Appointments at Flame Guitars during the Coronavirus emergency

Delivering and collecting guitars during the Coronavirus emergency

I’ve been thinking about how I continue to provide a service whilst protecting clients and myself from Coronavirus infection.

One of the aspects of my work which I greatly value is the face to face contact I have with clients. Clearly that is not possible at the moment. So, from here on I will implementing the following changes.

1.       When you arrive at my property please call me on 07982 412936 and I will come and meet you.  I will check that I have contact details such as email address and telephone number. I will also send an email to confirm that I have your guitar in my possession. We will maintain a safe distance between us whilst that conversation takes place. We will also keep that conversation at short as possible.

2.       Once I have had a chance to look at the guitar, I will telephone you and agree what works are to be carried out on it. I will then send an email which details the agreed works and the price for that work.

3.       Once the work is complete, I will send an invoice and agree a collection date. The invoice will contain payment details. Usually I leave it to the customer as to the method they use to payment. During this emergency my strong preference is that payments are made by bank transfer.

4.       When you arrive at my premises to collect the guitar, please call me on the above number and I will bring the guitar to you.  Again, we will keep a safe distance between us. Obviously  there is not an opportunity to check over the guitar before it is taken away. But if, once you have had a chance to play the guitar at home, you want me make a minor tweak or change to the setup or action, please contact me about returning the guitar for those adjustments to be made.

I have also been thinking about how I properly clean a guitar before it is returned to the client. Not sure yet how I properly do this. But I will do my best. I will also need to think about safe handling of guitars as I receive them and then hand them back to you. I will also stop working on client’s guitars should I or anyone in my household develop any Coronavirus type symptoms.

As the weeks go on, I will keep these practices under review. I am sorry to make these changes. But I’m sure you will understand why I am doing this.