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Neck to Body joint

Neck to Body Joint

What, just one bolt? How can that be? Well no, not quite. Let’s look at the neck to body joint of a Flame Guitar in more detail. First of all a pocket is routed in the guitar body. The neck tenon fits into this pocket. By careful construction a tight joint is made so that the neck mates with the body on seven separate faces.

As well as the bolt that can be seen from the back of the guitar there is a second, hidden bolt, which is accessed from the neck pickup cavity. The body bolt pulls the neck down onto the guitar body whilst the pickup cavity bolt pulls the neck into the body of the guitar, making for a strong and secure body to neck construction and a smooth sleek finish.

So what are the advantages of this type of guitar neck construction?

  • A tight neck to body construction means excellent transference of vibration with the neck and body working as one unit with increased sustain.
  • Very strong neck to body joint with no possibility of lateral movement (as can happen to bolt-on necks).
  • The neck can be easily removed for maintenance, such as for a re-fret.

So your Flame guitar isn't just built to look good, it's built to sound perfect too. I have sound quality at the heart of everything I create in my workshop. Every single angle of a Flame Guitar is carefully measured, as the trigonometry of a guitar is one thing that can’t easily be changed. A subtle difference to an angle can be the difference between an ok sound or an excellent sound. The trigonometry of a guitar can certainly make a difference between comfortable and uncomfortable instruments. This is why I consult you throughout the custom build process to make sure that your guitar is the perfect fit to you.