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Fret Board

Flame Guitars are constructed with compound radius fret-boards. This means that the fret-board radius flattens the further up the neck you go. Normally the radius will be 10” at the 1st fret, 12” at the 12th fret and 16” at the 22nd fret.

Most guitar manufacturers use conical fret-board radius; that is, the fret-board radius stays constant along the whole length of the fret-board. A lot of guitar players like a compound neck radius as it makes for more comfortable chord playing around the lower frets with easier string bending on the upper frets.

Another advantage of compound radius necks over conical necks is that a lower string height and action can be achieved before fret buzz becomes a problem.

For fretboard material I mostly use ebony and rosewood, but I can also offer cocobolo and zirocote as alternatives.

Fretwire width and height is very much a personal preference. There are a lot of options and it can appear daunting when making that choice. Generally, those who do a lot of string bending prefer a wider and taller fret; but there are no strict rules about all this. I keep a number of guitars which have different fret sizes fitted so that customers can try them out and see what feels best for them. But if you are unsure I can advise. If you have a guitar for which the fretwire width and height seems comfortable to you, I can always take measurements and use the same type of fretwire in your build.