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As I strive for excellence in all aspects of guitar design and construction, therefore, the quality of finish is very important to me. To achieve this, and prior to the finish being applied, I spend considerable time preparing the surfaces of the guitar. Once the finish is applied further time is spent leveling the finish and then buffing it to a high gloss finish. You can find pictures and more detail of this process on the Flame Guitars Facebook page. This is an aspect of my work that is very important to me. I want my finishes to stand comparison with the best; and I believe that I achieve that.

Flame Guitars are finished with either water-based lacquer or an oil finish. Over the years I have been keen to find a really good water-based lacquer that is durable and provides a clarity of finish equivalent to nitrocellulose lacquer. The quality and clarity of water-based finished has improved a lot over recent years and I am now very happy with the finish I achieve. I also choose to work only with water-based lacquer as I do not want to pollute the atmosphere with the harmful solvents emitted by solvent based lacquer.

My guitars can also be given an oil finish. I can also offer an option whereby the body is lacquered and an oil finish is applied to the neck.